Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have a choice of which shop will repair my vehicle?

Know Your Rights!

When an Insurance Company is paying the claim, you the vehicle owner, needs to decide which body shop you would like to have perform the repairs and inform the insurance company. An insurance company cannot require you to have your vehicle repaired at a particular shop. Your insurance company may try to send you to a shop of their choice, but it is your right to choose a repair facility. The job of the insurance company is to explain and answer your questions and concerns of your issued policy and insurance coverage, as well as the use of non-OEM parts, depreciation of worn parts, rental car coverage, pre-loss condition etc. They are paying your vehicle repair bill with your money! Please know that it is your right to choose GOLD STANDARD AUTO BODY to repair your vehicle. We warranty all our work performed on your vehicle. It is YOUR vehicle and it is YOUR choice!


Do I need more than one estimate?

No, only if you want to discuss the repairs with more than one repair shop. If you have selected Gold Standard Auto Body, you have made the right choice and your insurance company will deal directly with us. The insurance company cannot force you to get multiple estimates, and in most cases cannot force you to come to a specified location to get an estimate.


What are OEM parts and aftermarket parts?

OEM parts are made by Original Equipment Manufacture. After Market Parts are produced by other manufactures. We do not normally have any problems with aftermarket parts. But in the event that one does not meet our expectations, we will contact the insurance company, and we will get an authorization for an OEM part. After market and salvage parts are sometimes referred to as LKQ (like kind and quality) parts. Our goal is to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Your insurance policy determines if the insurance company will pay for OEM parts. Check with you agent to see if you can purchase an OEM replacement parts option, if this is your preference. Ask us what the cost difference is if you would prefer new OEM parts.


What is the difference in estimates for the same claim?

Insurance companies and repair facilities may each provide an estimate. Many factors can cause variations between each estimate. Sometimes one will write only what they can see. Another shop may write what they know maybe needed from past experience of hidden damage. One may estimate aftermarket parts as opposed to OEM parts. In many, many cases, the estimate will change after the vehicle has been torn down. Our shop works with all insurance companies and estimators to ensure quality repairs at a fair price.


Who are the claimants and the insured?

You are the insured when your policy is paying to repair your vehicle. Your deductible will usually apply. You are the claimant when someone else’s insurance is paying for your claim. You should not pay a deductible and may be eligible for personal injuries to you and your occupants, and loss of use or rental reimbursement while your vehicle is being repaired.


Who do I pay the deductible to?

If you deductible is not waived, it will be your responsibility to pay us when you pick up your vehicle.. You can call your agent and he can tell you if the insurance company has waived your deductible or whether it will be your responsibility.


What if my insurance company says Gold Standard Auto Body is not on their repair program?

You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Insurance companies cannot require that you go to a particular repair shop. The insurance company may tell you that if you do not use one of their recommended repair facilities, they will not warranty the repairs. This is a fallacy because insurance companies do not warranty the repairs; the shop does. Therefore, a Warranty from a reputable repair company and business professional with longevity in your community is what you should require.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Personal checks with copy of Driver’s License, Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Order made to Gold Standard. Insurance Company checks only when our company name is on the check. If an insurance check is in your name only, you will need to deposit it in your account and plan for payment from you direct to Gold Standard upon completion of your vehicle. Major credit cards are accepted and are subject to a 3% service fee. Payment in full is due prior to Gold Standard Auto Body releasing the vehicle.

No need to look any further

Jim has done a lot of repairs for us. He is very honest & does a fantastic job. He cares about his customers & is not greedy. He will do all he can to get you the best price along with the work being done the way it should. You really are at the right place. No need to look any further!

Beth Fulghum

More than pleased

They did an amazing job on my car! I am more than pleased with the work they have done! Brad was great to work with an amazing with customer service! If anyone needs body work done I would highly recommend these guys! Thank you so much!


Highly recommend these guys

Highly recommend these guys! They do great work! Car came out better than new, and I love that they repaired our bumper rather than just replacing it! My wife’s plastic (polyurethane) bumper had a bad gash and paint scrape. The price was great and the repair was excellent!

Nick H

Best body shop in Hickory

It was an absolute pleasure working with Brad and Jim at Gold Standard. From the estimate all the way to pickup, they made everything easy and painless. The work they did on my 2014 Ford Escape is impeccable and it looks brand new! Highly recommend as the best body shop in Hickory!

Whitney Coble Cline

Excellent body work

The owner (Jim Bright) has been a friend of mine for a few years and done excellent body work on several of my vehicles. I live 2 counties away, but this is the only body shop that I will take my vehicles when they need work.

Jayson Lankford

Better than new

The quality of work and customer service is second to none. I have had several vehicles repaired here and both look better than new. I would highly recommend this shop.

KC Partin

Passionate, great service

I compared 3 body shops and went to this one because it was the cheapest. The work was done great, plus they scrubbed some extra small scratches and cleaned the interior! These guys are real passionate, great service. I totally recommend.

Valentin Queval